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*Please Note* All prices quoted for editing or proofreading are based on manuscripts in Word Document, in Times New Roman 12-point font, and 2.0 spacing. Please let us know up front if your manuscript is in a different font. Any manuscript sent for editing that doesn't follow this guideline will be formatted to requested guideline and a new quote will be issued. 

Copy Editing – We provide editing of the manuscript for clarity and flow, ensure the manuscript’s syntax is smooth, fact-checking for items in manuscript, ensuring that grammar, punctuation, and that wording is proper and precise. Will provide support by suggesting reorganization and rewording of manuscript as necessary. 

Line Editing – We provide line-by-line editing of each sentence in the manuscript, including grammar, punctuation, spelling, consistency, word usage, and some rewriting / rewording in needed spots.  

Proofreading – We provide proofreading services to ensure that no typographical, grammatical, or inconsistency of style remains in the manuscript.  

Fact Checking – We provide research support on various subject matters for authors, or confirming facts already included in manuscript.  

Typing Handwritten Documents – We provide typing of handwritten documents, such as handwritten manuscripts into a Microsoft Word document. 

Book Reviews – We provide unbiased, honest, timely, and objective book reviews for pre-published, and published manuscripts or books. Free of charge; copy of book must be provided. Please send email to:

Submission Reviews – We provide unbiased, honest, timely and objective reviews of potential manuscript submissions for evaluation to be published. Please send an email to:

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